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What's your real name?

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(Owner) If you are curious enough, then why not explore my main page? :) Lol I don’t know whether my name is on my main page. hahaha

i want to be Primrose Everdeen for halloween...what should i wear? should i wear, like, a white blouse with khakis? what do you suggest?

Sorry for the wait… maybe for ages… This is my first time in ages since I have visited my tumblr. 
hmmm… Just wear my first year of reaping day clothing. I think it will suit you! :)

who do you like better peeta or gale

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This is hard…. 
I have to go with Peeta. I like romantic guys… wait… Gale is one too!! Ahh!! Okay, just Peeta. I’m going with Peeta. :P 

Guys, I am going to be slighty busy over the few courses of months as I have tests, and yes, I am very sorry if I haven’t been on tumblr as well. :\ Who would like be my Rue on running my page? :) 

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Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

I tried not to laugh when Effie says Peeta’s name as Peter.
Pretty much everybody was trying not to laugh… but they manage to to have a straight face and pretend that they don’t care about the silly games that the capitol plays.  
It is pronounced Pee-ta not Pe-ter. Get it right Capitol people. :\

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The Reaping

Oh my god :’)

Oh my god :’)